Raytec’s Infra-Red LED illuminators help capture license plates in USA

Raytec's Infra-Red LED illuminators

Raytec's Infra-Red LED illuminators

To meet growing demand for effective licence plate recognition (LPR) solutions one leading American installer, Illinois-based Keyth Security, has turned to Raytec and Mobotix to deliver a high performance practical system for their customers.

In their latest project, Keyth Security used a combination of Infra-Red LED illuminators from Raytec’s FUSION low voltage range and Mobotix M12 dual lens cameras to capture two images of every vehicle coming in and out of a housing complex; one of the licence plate and one of the overall scene.

“We set up the lights and cameras on 12ft poles to cover both lanes at distances up to 50-60ft. FUSION IR LED technology delivers a perfect image of the licence plate during total darkness as well as even illumination to provide a crisp, clear overview image of the entire scene”, says Kris Wells, security vision systems manager for Keyth Security.

“We’ve had great success with this combination of equipment and completed quite a few business and residential installations over recent months,” explains Kris.

“FUSION delivers long life, ultra-low running costs and zero maintenance allowing installers to provide a very tough and robust, powerful technology that also saves the user a significant amount of energy and money. And with a direct 12-24V input and no need for a specialist PSU, FUSION is quicker, easier and safer to install” explains Kristen Seguin, Raytec National Sales Manager for the Americas.

Infra-Red lighting used in conjunction with LPR systems can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from simply identifying and recording which vehicles have passed through an area, to controlling access, or levying charges. No matter what the purpose, high quality, dedicated lighting is crucial to capture excellent images regardless of the external conditions.

“These latest LPR projects are a great example of how versatile Raytec IR lighting is – for companies like Keyth Security it is opening up a whole new area of business.”

For more information on Raytec Infra-Red lighting please call Raytec on +1 888 505 8335 or email ussales@rayteccctv.com

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