Rapid Vision launches new door viewer camera/recorder system

Rapid Vision's new door viewer camera system
Rapid Vision's new door viewer camera system

Rapid Vision's new door viewer camera system

Rapid Vision Systems, a leading developer of CCTV solutions, has launched an innovative new range of redeployable door viewer cameras with integral video recorders.  Designed to meet the needs of housing associations, local authorities and the police, they can be installed in minutes to provide a cost effective solution to combat the ever increasing incidence of anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, fraud, distraction burglaries and other offences.

According to Dennis Saunders MBE, Managing Director of Rapid Vision Systems:  “This is the world’s first high quality door viewer camera/recorder system that is designed to be redeployed at a moment’s notice without fear of breakage.  It provides a practical alternative to traditional systems, which are designed to be fitted only once, and will deliver significant operational savings over the life of the equipment as well as helping to cut crime.”

The camera and digital video recorder automatically switch on when movement is detected within 2 metres of the door.  An integrated 2.5” colour LCD display, mounted in a sealed housing on the inside of the door, provides high quality images which are recorded on the built-in SD card with a capacity of up to 16GB.  Recordings can be viewed on any computer and emailed or burned to disk for evidential purposes.

The system is fully self-contained and no occupant intervention is possible ensuring continuity of evidence to aid successful prosecutions.  An integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery enables the unit to operate for several weeks without recharging, but it can also operate using mains power giving fully unattended operation for extended periods.

This unique surveillance system can be installed as a direct replacement for an existing door viewer and fits any hole of 12mm or greater eliminating the need to modify or damage the door itself.  This allows the original door viewer to be quickly and easily refitted at the end of the monitoring operation.

Rapid Vision Systems has developed a full range of door viewer cameras to provide appropriate surveillance for any given situation.  As well as the overt system, it also provides a fully covert system with a camera mounted inside a normal door bell.  The company also provides a version that integrates with more sophisticated DVRs, both wired and wireless, enabling images to be viewed from any location using Wi-Fi or 3G connections.

About Rapid Vision Systems
Rapid Vision Systems Ltd is a specialist provider of redeployable CCTV solutions to the police, local authorities, housing associations, crime reduction partnerships and other organisations.  They are used for a wide range of overt and covert operations to combat antisocial behaviour, street crime, drug dealing and racial harassment.  Rapid Vision Systems provides the highest level of technical backup and support for the life of the equipment and offers free user training when required.

For further information visit www.rapidvisionsystems.co.uk

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