Questions and answers from Norbain SD regarding recent acquisition

Norbain HQ
Norbain HQ

Norbain HQ


A 100% owned subsidiary of Newbury Investments (UK) Ltd


On 29th June 2012 the trade and assets of Norbain in the UK were acquired by a subsidiary of Newbury Investments (UK) Ltd.

New ownership Norbain SD Ltd under its previous ownership had experienced some difficult years of trading due to the economic downturn. This was further burdened by the cost of servicing its significant bank debt. As a result, the business has been acquired by Newbury Investments (UK) Limited from the administrators (KMPG).

Newbury Investments (UK) Limited is a group that specialises in distribution of mainly electrical products through its five subsidiaries, which continued to grow significantly over the last few years against the backdrop of a difficult economic climate and competition.

We understand that following the acquisition of the Norbain business by Newbury Investments (UK) Limited, there will be a number of questions. We have endeavoured to anticipate these queries and we hope it will help to put your minds at ease to know that going forward, it will be business as usual.

Q1: Who is Newbury Investments (UK) Limited?

A: Newbury Investments (UK) Limited is a holding company specialising in distribution and operating through five main subsidiaries, now six including Norbain SD Limited.

Our registered address is as follows:

Newbury Investments Ltd
Votec House
Hambridge Lane
Berkshire, RG14 5TN
Tel: 01635 556600
Registered in England No. 2533036

Q2: I have taken delivery of an order placed with the old Norbain. Will I have to pay the new Norbain for these goods?

A: The assets acquired by Newbury Investments (UK) Limited included the debtor value owed by customers of the old Norbain. These are still valid and Newbury Investments (UK) Limited is entitled to collect these. We will honour the same terms of business as customers had before, including payment terms.


Q3: I have placed purchase orders with Norbain where I have not yet received the goods. Will these purchase orders still be valid?

A: Yes, we will continue to ship goods against purchase orders that were placed with the previous owners and we will be responsible for collecting debts in respect of these goods.

Q4: Will all existing warranties on equipment I have purchased prior to the acquisition be honoured by the new company?

A: For Norbain’s own brands [Vista, Xeno and SupaVu] Norbain will continue to support all valid warranty claims for goods sold by the previous Company. Warranty offered by us on future sales will also remain unchanged. For non-Norbain brands, we will continue to provide support for warranty claims exactly as we did before. However, as a distributor for these products Norbain acts as an intermediary partner for our suppliers, and each supplier has the right to offer warranty to customers directly and without Norbain’s involvement. Dedicated Micros have announced their decision to support warranty directly without Norbain’s involvement. A link to their announcement is as follows:

Q5: Will the terms and conditions of trade change under new ownership?

A: No. We will continue to trade with our customers under the same terms & conditions as you did previously with Norbain. However, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any changes that would be of mutual benefit.

Q6: As Norbain SD Ltd has gone into administration how can we continue to trade with that company?

A: On-going trade following the acquisition will be with Norbain as a direct 100% owned subsidiary of Newbury Investments (UK) Limited. This subsidiary is a new legal entity (registered number 06248590) which has changed its name to Norbain SD Ltd.

Q7: Who will be my main contact for Norbain?

A: There have been no changes to the account management teams. Please continue to do business with your existing contacts.

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