Quebec police to use PureActiv video analytics for detection and monitoring


PureTech Systems has announced  the selection and installation of its Scene Analyzer edge device on several mobile platforms to help the City of Blainville, Quebec,  Canada. It will provide mobile surveillance including the ability to monitor vehicle and people movement throughout the city.  The deployment, procured through the City of Blainville police department, will utilize video analytics and consist of several mobile sensor platforms aimed at monitoring various areas throughout the city for general surveillance purposes including detection and tracking of both people and vehicles.

The first phase includes two police investigation kits, which are being designed and built by Panavidéo.  The mobile platforms, referred to as “police investigation kits,” house a variety of sensors, including both fixed and PTZ cameras.  Each kit is also equipped with a cellular link for remote monitoring of the sensors and their alarms via a central monitoring location.  Each kit will include PureTech’s edge device, the Scene Analyzer, which will be responsible for the various video analytic functions, including video detection, classification and tracking.  The resulting alarm and video data will be monitored on a Genetec Security Center VMS, via a recent integration of the popular VMS with PureTech Systems video analytics software.

The City of Blainville lies to the north of Montreal and serves as a satellite for that larger city’s working professionals.  Its 51% population growth over the past decade and its large number of events and venues has driven the need for the mobile surveillance capability.   “We developed the scene analyzer edge device specifically for applications like Blainville, where video analytics are needed at the edge,” explains Kevin Campbell, Vice President of Sales at PureTech Systems.  “The scene analyzer has the same level of functionality as our enterprise solution, PureActiv, but it is designed for a fewer number of video inputs and resides on a small compact computing platform versus a rack mounted server.”   In addition to its capability to provide the full suite of geospatial video analytics, the scene analyzer can also accommodate a full range of 3rd party security integrations, including the Genetec Security Center integration featured at Blainville.  The city has currently identified over 32 places where the kits should be deployed on a regular basis.


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