Quantum Cybersecurity Pioneer expands Global Presence

Quantum Cybersecurity Pioneer expands Global Presence

Quantum Cybersecurity Pioneer expands Global Presence

QuintessenceLabs targets UK market, has exhibited at the UK government’s cybersecurity flagship event IA15 November 9-10

Cybersecurity solutions are not keeping pace with the growing sophistication of modern-day hacks. With the increasing dominance of the cloud, the proliferation of connected devices and the development of quantum computing, today’s security solutions are fast becoming an obsolescence risk. However, a new generation of security innovators is harnessing the power of quantum science and using it to solve some of today’s toughest security challenges.

Leading this trend is quantum cybersecurity pioneer and recent Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) winner, QuintessenceLabs (QLabs), who announced today its expansion into the European security market. In its first phase, QLabs will launch operations in the U.K., complementing its already established footprint in North America and Australia.

Not if, but when
Sensitive data – whether strategic government intelligence or personal information – is a major target of cyber-criminals. Ensuring this information is secure is imperative; however, with today’s run-of-the-mill cybersecurity tools there are no guarantees. Most current solutions still rely on encryption keys generated by standard computer algorithms; although these keys may appear random, they are susceptible to cyberattacks.

QLabs’ unique cybersecurity solutions use quantum-derived true random numbers. By leveraging the truly random quantum effects of a laser beam, QLabs can generate the most secure cryptographic keys without undermining performance. QLabs is the only company currently capable of delivering fully-entropy keys at high rates of up to 1 Gbit/s. This strengthens the encryption of confidential data by better protecting it from the vulnerabilities of deterministic random numbers.

“Organizations are increasingly recognizing that data breaches will occur and that even if systems are compromised, they need to continue to operate,” said QuintessenceLabs Founder and CEO, Dr. Vikram Sharma. “Whether data is in-transit, at-rest, in-use, via the cloud or on device, QLabs’ high-quality encryption keys coupled with our ‘encrypt all sensitive data’ approach is an effective solution to mitigate these risks and keep large volumes of highly sensitive data secure - today and tomorrow.”

Fail-proof security
Suitable for the enterprise, cloud and shared environments, QLabs offers the total solution for enterprise encryption, combining quantum key generation, management and protection with a Hardware Security Module (HSM). Modular encryption applications build on this foundation and integrate seamlessly into existing systems, ensuring a strong cybersecurity foundation, while making quantum-based security solutions commercially viable at a low total cost.

Another advanced capability QLabs offers is the encryption of physical memory down to a microSD form factor using unbreakable one-time pad encryption with automatic key destruction, providing the highest level of security for data recorded onto or transmitted by that device. Ideal for industries that operate in highly-classified areas, such as government agencies, defense and aerospace, QLabs ensures fail-proof security, even if a device is compromised or intercepted.

“Strong encryption will be necessary to robustly safeguard data, however, ubiquitous encryption is difficult and challenges still lie ahead. QLabs’ Trusted Security Foundation™ enables customers to protect valuable data as threats evolve. As we expand globally, we look forward to educating new markets on the commercial benefits of quantum-based encryption,” added Sharma.

Backed by investor and customer Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banks, as well as serving as a strategic partner in NetDocuments’ global security architecture rollout, QLabs is a trusted partner to an increasing base of blue-chip customers. Recognizing that QLabs’ solutions address some of the critical cybersecurity issues confronting organizations today, it was named as one of the winners of the annual SINET 16 Innovator competition and showcase, which took place in Washington, D.C., November 3-4.

As part of its U.K. launch, QLabs will be showcasing its quantum cybersecurity solutions at IA15, the U.K. government’s flagship event for cybersecurity and information assurance leaders across central government, the wider public sector, industry and academia. The event will take place November 9-10 and be held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London.

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