Quadrant Security Group helps Dorset Police keep sailing fans safe

Quadrant Security Group (QSG) has completed a project for Dorset Police which saw the independent integrator design, install, maintain and decommission a large scale temporary CCTV solution to help the force cope with last summer’s influx of sport lovers.

Portland and Weymouth welcomed thousands of UK and international spectators eager to watch the 2012 summer of sport sailing events. With high visitor traffic areas outside the scope and capacity of the existing local authority CCTV infrastructure, a temporary, networked solution was required that could feed into the force’s existing Synectics Synergy monitoring and control station in Portland.

Andrew Sims, CCTV Network Project Manager for Dorset Police, felt it was a challenging brief. He explained: “The temporary nature of the project meant that budget was restricted, all equipment had to be ‘leasable’ and infrastructure disruption for installation had to be kept to an absolute minimum. The coastal location also meant that the system installed had to have virtually no environmental impact but be tough enough to withstand harsh sea-air conditions.

“It’s also a tough geographical area in terms of size and topography, key factors the chosen solution would have to cope with without any delay or loss of image quality – all set against a backdrop of enabling our force to practically monitor and protect huge crowds of people.”

Dorset Police chose to procure the solution from Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) using the Government Procurement Service (GPS) SPRINT ii Framework.

Aaron Plant, the QSG Account Manager responsible for the project, explains: “There were two distinct elements to this project – the CCTV solution and the wireless network provision. While we have extensive expertise in installing network infrastructure and integrating with wireless equipment, and in fact did so for this project, the project required a partnering approach with UK Broadband to guarantee Dorset Police the best financial proposition.

“We developed a design response that would work in tandem with a wireless solution devised by UK Broadband – enabling Dorset Police to also fully benefit from the technical knowledge of two specialists. We also provided the majority of the physical installation and decommissioning resources.”

QSG devised a CCTV solution that incorporated a range of camera technologies, including Oculus ruggedized PTZ cameras, Synectics medium range fixed and long range PTZ cameras, Orbis re-deployable PTZ cameras and a FLIR Gyro stabilised offshore vessel camera for an RIB boat.

Supported by equipment cabinets at each key location, carefully selected encoders and decoders enabled IP streams from analogue cameras to be transmitted via the UK Broadband-devised wireless network, connecting all locations with each other, and to the Portland-based monitoring and control system.

Andrew Sims continued: “The solution devised by QSG in collaboration with UK Broadband was the most viable and most cost-effective solution we looked at and was exactly what we asked for in terms of technical ability. But it was the delivery of the project that really impressed.

“Throughout the ‘high risk’ periods identified by us, we were provided with on-site 24 hour support ensuring that should any technical issue arise, it could be dealt with immediately. QSG also managed important relationships with local stakeholders, including property owners that allowed us access to their sites to fit technology that would enable the CCTV network to operate.

“This was the biggest security operation ever to take place in Dorset and QSG played an important role in making it a success.”

The fact that QSG and UK Broadband worked in such close collaboration also meant that installation, and the recent decommissioning of the technology used, could be co-ordinated, minimising disruption that would be otherwise be caused by multiple contractors carrying out works at different times.

For more information on QSG’s solutions for Police forces, visit www.qsg.co.uk or call 0115 925 2521.


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