QSG launch White Paper: advice on wireless CCTV

Quadrant Security Group (QSG), a subsidiary of UK-based Synectics plc., has launched a new White Paper to help public space decision makers understand the benefits, costs and considerations of implementing wireless CCTV solutions.

‘CCTV – Going Wireless’, is the first in a planned series of educational papers from QSG, designed to examine trends, technologies and issues facing those responsible for keeping public and commercial spaces safe and secure.

As well as providing a brief background to public space CCTV, the paper covers key issues and topics linked to IP-based systems, touching on installation, cost, hybrid systems, leased-lines, re-deployable solutions and future-proofing.

The practicalities of wireless CCTV implementation are also addressed, with advice offered on power sources, migration strategies and initial surveys.

Ian Moore, Sales Manager at QSG, said: “The truth is, when it comes to CCTV – there really is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This is particularly true when it comes to wireless systems. While the general industry trend is increasingly to migrate to IP-based strategies, this isn’t necessarily the answer for everyone. We therefore felt that there was both need and demand for a White Paper to help inform and support professionals in the public space arena.”

Future White Papers are planned for sectors including police, banking, transport and utilities.


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