Pyronix Strengthening Its Middle East Foundations

Pyronix is a well-known name in the security industry and it has seen a great deal of success since it was established in England in 1986. Today, the globally recognised manufacture of security solutions has a wide international reach, operating in a variety of key regions – including the Middle East. Hassan Uddin Ahmed, International Sales Manager, explained to us just why the region is so important to Pyronix.

“Pyronix has been operating in the Middle East for a number of years now,” he said, “and the company has seen growth of around 30 per cent in the last 18 months. Demand for alarm systems in the region is growing, especially in banking and residential sectors, and we’ve seen a sharp rise in the use of wired and wireless solutions in the last two to three years.”

Ahmed told us that the well-established nature of Pyronix’s business in the region has ensured that the company has been well positioned to meet this demand. However, the global company is not content with relying on this. Ahmed outlined the company’s plans to increase its routes to market in 2015 and to develop new partnerships with system integrators. He has complete confidence in the company’s ability to reach these goals, thanks to the strong foundation is has set for itself.

“Recently we’ve built up several successful relationships with new distribution partners to support our existing partnerships,” he said, “and we’ve enforced this with a training programme for installers too. This is not just to support our product – it’s to support our installers and our end users too. This extends through to our after sales support and technical support, because we take our relationships with our clients very seriously.”

Although the company focuses heavily on customer service and support, that does not mean that the quality and range of products on offer suffers. Ahmed said that Pyronix has a comprehensive line of products that are tailored to the unique requirements of different markets and sectors.

“Whatever the needs of a particular market we have a product or solution to support them. Our solutions are also scalable for use with any size organisation, through the spectrum of small, medium and large enterprises. One of the key products we introduced this year, that is just one example of our innovative range, is our cloud-based security, video and home automation system which was demonstrated at IFSEC in the UK and at IFSEC Arabia.”

Pyronix has billed its cloud system as the future of home control automation, and there’s no doubt that the system generated a great deal of interest at the IFSEC exhibitions. 2014 was the first time Pyronix had exhibited at IFSEC in the UK for a number of years, and its return to the show was incredibly well received.

Ahmed told that Pyronix has big plans for 2015, with a range of projects, seminar and training events planned for the New Year.

“There’s plenty going on, and we’re dedicated to strengthening our foundations in the Middle East with new initiatives,” he said. “We work closely with our partners and clients in the region, and we will continue to develop these relationships as we expand our reach in the region. I’ve been with Pyronix for 19 months for now, so I can safely say that Pyronix is the right choice for its strong team, quality products and support of its customers.”


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