PureTech Systems’ PureActiv deployed at Military Ocean Terminal

PureActiv installed at an Eastern US Military Ocean Port

PureTech Ststems’ has announced the installation of its PureActiv wide area video surveillance system at the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) in North Carolina.  The installation is an expansion to the PureActiv system which is already installed.   The US Army selected the PureActiv system for protection of its critical infrastructure and key assets on both landside and waterside at the terminal.    The state-of-the-art installation includes the ability to monitor and generate alarms when a target of interest is detected.  It also includes integrations with other perimeter sensors, including thermal cameras, visual deterrents, IFF and radar.

Although specific details of the system functionality cannot be disclosed, the PureActiv system will be responsible for monitoring of all the areas and will provide object tracking, virtual zones, and full video management capability.  Other functionality include the ability to steer a PTZ camera to the exact point of the intrusion  and the ability to automatically follow any threat without the need for operator intervention (PTZ Auto Follow).   The system can also be used to perform forensic analysis on recorded video.

“The Army always has very demanding requirements.  A Military Ocean Port brings that to the next level with its large coverage areas and the need for monitoring over both land and water,” explains Larry Bowe, President of PureTech Systems.  “We are proud that PureActiv’s geospatial, map-based user interface, extensive integration with 3rd party security sensors and ability to provide long range detection and tracking met the Army’s need and was able to do so in a single command and control package.”

The Army Corps of Engineers, which procured the contract, selected InfoTec Systems Corporation as the contractor responsible for the system installation.   The initial PureActiv system was deployed and installed in 2008 by Williams Electric Inc.


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