PureTech Systems protects PTZ Camera Autonomous Tracking Capability

PureTech Systems protects PTZ Camera Autonomous Tracking Capability

PureTech Systems protects PTZ Camera Autonomous Tracking Capability

Patent addresses video tracking on fixed and moving platforms including vehicles and drones.

PureTech Systems, an Arizona-based geospatial video analytics company, announced the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent Office – US Patent No 9,213,904 “Autonomous Lock-On Target Tracking with Geospatial-Aware PTZ Cameras.”

The newly awarded patent is one in a series of PureTech Systems patents that focus on technology growth in the area of utilizing video analytics on pan-tilt-zoom cameras, whether stationary or on a mobile platform.  US Patent No 9,213,904 expands the lock-on target tracking to include improved target identity, whereby the software will uniquely identify the target and maintain track on that specific target.  This is in contrast to many PTZ target-tracking algorithms that track based on the “motion” of the object or the “strength” of the detection.

To identify the target of interest, the patent discloses the utilization of a refined target boundary and additional wake separation methods to characterize the target of interest and maintain its identity throughout the tracking process.  The ability to identify an object, such as a person, vehicle, bicycle and autonomously lock-on, regardless of whether the camera or the target is in motion, has become more and more in demand with the advent of cameras mounted on, not only UAVs and drones, but also vehicles, humans and other moving platforms.

Eric Olson, vice president of marketing at PureTech Systems notes:

“The popularity of drones with cameras and the low cost entry point has made this an exciting time for video-based autonomous-tracking. Video tracking capability, from both static mounted sensors and sensors on mobile platforms, has long been required in the defense and security market, but now that same capability is applicable across a range of other market opportunities.” The granting of this patent is an important milestone to protect the vast amount of development PureTech Systems has achieved in this area.”

The practical application of the patent provides for extensive automation and greater video tracking accuracy for both the operational needs of physical security for critical facilities, defense, border and homeland security, as well as, the use of video tracking in commercial applications, such as recreational sports, real estate and retail.

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