PureTech Systems’ intelligent video analytics helps protect Democratic National Convention

Outdoor Video Analytics at Democratic National Convention
Outdoor Video Analytics at Democratic National Convention

Outdoor Video Analytics at Democratic National Convention

Geospatial video analytics and command and control aid in keeping convention safe.

The Democratic National Convention was held last week in Charlotte, NC, and behind the scenes of the event, PureTech Systems’ intelligent video analytics were hard at work helping to protect the event.  Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), which maintains the transportation system in and around the Charlotte metropolitan area, installed the PureActiv Wide Area Surveillance system specifically to provide security along and around the rail tracks for the convention and beyond.  The installation, performed by SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco company, included Pelco day/night cameras and PureTech’s proven geospatial video analytics; providing around the clock protection.

PureTech’s PureActiv 10.0, provided authorities real time intrusion detection and robust situational awareness by way of its geospatial command and control.  This enabled transit security officials and the Secret Service to precisely locate potential threats on a GIS map while simultaneously viewing and controlling the relevant live video feeds.  Additionally, the system provided a forensic search capability, whereby, authorities could rapidly search recorded video to find suspicious activity.

“The system we deployed in Charlotte is specifically design to analyze real-time video information and identify potential threats,” stated Larry Bowe, president and CEO of PureTech Systems.  “Once a potential threat is identified, the system performs a series of actions to present the relevant information to the operator with a high level of situational awareness.  This saves first responders valuable time in understanding and reacting to the situation.”  These actions include an array of capabilities including the ability to classify targets as human, car, etc.,  plot the track of the targets on a GIS map-based command and control, and steer standard PTZ cameras to the exact latitude and longitude of the target’s current position and automatically control the PTZs to cause them to track the threats.

By leveraging the forensic analysis capabilities of PureTech’s software CATS will also be able to analyze trend data, which may be used by CATS to make operational or security changes, which may help avert future accidents and security breaches.


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