PureTech Systems Integrates With General Dynamics Cameras


Combination provides a multi-sensor solution utilizing video analytics and camera control for long range surveillance.

PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of geospatial video analytic software, today announced that it has integrated its PureActiv geospatial surveillance solution with General Dynamics Global Imaging Technology’s line of VZ-series mid- to long-range cooled electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) multi-sensor camera systems. The integration enables the camera systems to utilize PureTech’s thermal video analytic and long range, map-based PTZ control capabilities. The resulting solution is ideal for a wide range of homeland security applications requiring long-range targeting and wide-area perimeter surveillance including border and coastal protection. The solution leverages PureTech’s video analytic capabilities, providing the ability to detect and dynamically display the target’s location on a map-enabled, geospatial command and control. Paired with the EO/IR capabilities of the VZ-series day and thermal sensors, the integrated solution targets surveillance and reconnaissance in ground-based defense and homeland security missions requiring maximum detection distance, in most degraded weather conditions, day or night.

The VZ-series of EO/IR multi-sensor camera systems also includes step zoom or continuous zoom thermal camera options, both of which have been incorporated into the integration. “The combination of the VZ-series long range imagers and pan-tilt-zoom control with PureTech Systems’ thermal video analytics and map based camera control provides compelling long-range sensor capabilities,” explains Eric Olson, vice president of marketing at PureTech Systems. “Pointing a camera to a target or location several kilometers away is a difficult task, but it becomes very efficient and highly accurate when integrated with the geospatial (map-based) camera control.” The integration of the pan-tilt-zoom functionality also allows the camera series to utilize PureTech Systems camera auto follow feature, which automatically steers the camera to follow a target without the need for any operator interaction.

“General Dynamics designs and manufactures high performance, short, medium and long-range EO/IR camera systems to insure our customers have the most reliable system and highest quality image for mission success,” John van Dyke, senior director, sensors and processing at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. “The efforts with our VZ-series integration with PureActiv translate directly to our short-range, uncooled, VU-series EO/IR multi-sensor camera systems, as well. Adding the capability to use PureTech System’s intelligent video and geospatial camera controls is one additional step to insure we are providing our customers with the mid- to long-range solutions they need.”

PureTech’s intelligent video solution uses real object size to classify the target as a person, car, truck or boat of a particular size class and can be deployed as a server-based or an edge device solution. The capabilities can be deploy on PureActiv’s map based command and control or on an existing PSIM / video management system.

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