PureTech Systems integrates DRS Technologies’ WatchMaster cameras

PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermal video analytic software, today announced that it has integrated its PureActiv wide area surveillance solution with the WatchMaster thermal camera series from DRS Technologies.

The integration enables DRS’ affordable line of uncooled thermal IP cameras to utilize PureTech’s thermal video analytic capability. The resulting solution, which does not require any ambient light or illumination, is targeted for perimeter protection of critical infrastructure and key assets, allowing for full time surveillance and detection. The solution leverages PureTech’s video analytic capabilities providing the ability to detect and dynamically display the target’s location on a map-enabled, geospatial PSIM. Paired with the thermal capabilities of the WatchMaster® cameras, the solution performs in challenging environments, including complete darkness, over water and in dark corners, where intruders, vandals and other suspects are difficult to detect due to lighting constraints.

PureActiv now includes integration with DRS WatchMaster® IP thermal cameras

PureActiv now includes integration with DRS WatchMaster® IP thermal cameras

“PureTech Systems’ thermal video analytics have been shown to provide customers long range, outdoor, world class detection performance. We continue to seek out top performing sensors like the WatchMaster® series from DRS to team with our detection capability,” said Eric Olson, vice president of marketing at PureTech Systems. “We believe that combining the price, power and image capabilities of the DRS cameras with our video analytics will provide customers with detection capabilities that may formerly have been too costly for their security budgets.”

“WatchMaster® IP cameras use advanced video processing technology for pixel-by-pixel analysis and noise reduction to provide the most detailed information from a scene,” said Todd Brown, DRS senior director of worldwide sales and marketing. “When combined with PureTech Systems’ video analytics technology, customers gain a compelling security solution for early threat detection.”

PureTech’s intelligent video solution uses real object size to identify the target as a person, car, truck or boat and can be deployed as a server-based or an edge device solution. The solution also includes PureTech’s single camera PTZ Auto follow, which can command the camera to automatically track an intruder without the need for any other sensors. The cameras series, including the WatchMaster IP Elite, WatchMaster Pro and WatchMaster Pro+ cameras can be deployed on PureActiv’s map based command and control or their existing PSIM / video management systems. The first installation, recently installed at a major US seaport, provides 24 hour surveillance capabilities at several key waterside locations. Video footage of the integration can be viewed at http://bit.ly/PT-DRS.

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