PureTech Systems delivers Geospatial Surveillance System in Spanish

SpanishAlertviewPureTech Systems have announced the release of the latest version of its PureActiv system, including a new Spanish language GUI.

The new version, recently deployed for an undisclosed maritime border protection location, marks the first deployment of the Spanish version of the company’s map-based command and control. The installation is a coastal deployment and will provide border protection for both landside and water side intrusions. The system also provides for monitoring and response to potential pirating activity.

PureTech Systems’ recent installation showcases its new Spanish language user interface. The deployment includes a variety of perimeter detection sensors all integrated within the PureActiv geospatial command and control.

“The addition of the Spanish language user interface to our product is an important milestone,” states Kevin Campbell, vice president of sales at PureTech Systems. “The need for geospatial video surveillance is worldwide, and this new capability is an added convenience for our Spanish speaking customers.”

This installation includes a variety of sensors, including cctv cameras, long range thermal detectionradarslong range acoustic hailing devicesfence intrusion systems and PureTech Systems’ video analyticsadvanced auto camera tracking and geospatial (map-based) command and control. The system achieves the added sophistication of providing detection over both land and water environments.

The new Spanish interface is a configurable option in the latest version of the PureActiv command and control and includes all camera control, alarm information, menus and user data base interactions.

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