PSI magazine highlights NVT TBus® IP innovation

The range of Network Video Technologies (NVT) TBus® Ethernet over UTP/ Coax transmission products has been named in PSI Product Review 2015 as a ‘major innovation that installers can rely on for top quality performance and results.’

Highlighted as an essential key to success for installers, NVT’s unique Transmission Bus (TBus) technology supports coax, UTP, 18/2, 2-wire (un-twisted wire) and STP (shielded twisted-pair), and offers a flexible and cost-effective ‘any distance’ transmission solution versus traditional IP products.

“We’re extremely proud of PSI Product Review’s recognition of the TBus IP transmission range,” says Guy Apple, VP Marketing & Sales, NVT Inc. “With TBus, customers can access a cost-effective solution to migrate to IP based surveillance, deploying IP cameras over UTP or coax cable, and at distances and power supply levels far beyond that achievable with conventional IEEE 802.3ab standard based IP/PoE – that’s a very powerful message.”

<click here> to read the PSI Product Review 2015 TBus IP Transmission range review


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