Protect your data centre with Aperio® KS100


Get a handle on data centre security

The ultimate control for server cabinet access

Aperio® KS100 provides added physical protection for your data, even in shared data centres.

This easy to install cabinet lock connects to your power supply via PoE and a wireless hub to deliver a full audit trail, so you know who has accessed your data and when.

Importantly, you can use the KS100 with existing cards operating your current access controlled doors. This allows you to add locks to any number of cabinets, without the additional cost of producing new cards.

KS100 All round protection

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Why choose Aperio®?

Protect your equipment whilst reducing disruption and upgrade costs

Real-time access control for server racks, drawers, cabinets and doors
Integrate Aperio® locks with any access control system and existing access cards