Promise launch next-generation SmartStor NSx700 Series NAS

Promise SmartStor NSx700

Promise SmartStor NSx700

Promise SmartStor NSx700

Scalable all-in-one storage solution powered by Intel Atom™ processor

Promise Technology, a leading supplier of versatile RAID storage solutions catering to customers from enterprise to consumer, announces the next generation of its SmartStor network attached storage (NAS) line – the NSx700 Series. The NSx700 Series is available in a 6-Bay (NS6700) and a 4-Bay (NS4700) configuration; both powered by the Intel Atom™ processor and equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. The NSx700 Series delivers a high-speed iSCSI NAS solution with up to 210MB/s throughput.

The SmartStor NSx700 series is equipped with PROMISE’s advanced field-proven RAID engine, developed for PROMISE’s enterprise-level RAID storage subsystem products, and now available in the NSx700 series, bringing data protection features to SMB users. The NSx700 Series provides advanced data protection services such as RAID 6, bad sector error handling, PDM (Predictive Data Migration), Media Patrol, Redundancy Check, Online RAID migration and capacity expansion.

“As demand for storage space increases, storage demand from entry-SMBs is also increasing,” says Alice Chang, CMO of PROMISE Technology. “PROMISE’s SmartStor NSx700 Series is an all-in-one solution for SMBs to fulfil all storage demands, including file sharing, multi-client backup and cloud storage backup, as well as performing web and ftp services. Moreover, the NSx700 provides an intuitive management interface that allows the IT staff in SMBs to easily set up the SmartStor with the web-based interface or GUI utilities on Windows or Mac OSX computers, even if they are not IT professionals.”

Routine backup from multiple clients has always been a critical issue for SMB users. The SmartStor NSx700 Series provides several options for SMB users to back up their computers and servers. SmartStor NSx700 supports Amazon’s S3 Web Storage service, providing users with the ability to setup their Amazon S3 accounts on NSx700, and perform scheduled backups from the NSx700 to Amazon S3 space. Additionally, users can install a second NSx700 at a remote site configured as a RSYNC server, and use the NAS to NAS remote backup for disaster backup and recovery.

For client backup, PROMISE also provides several ways to perform backups from Windows or Mac OSX clients to the NSx700, using PROMISE’s SmartSYNC, Mac OS X’s Time Machine or third party backup utilities from Acronis or Symantec. SmartStor NSx700 comes bundled with the Acronis Backup & Recovery software, providing the ability to perform the backup from Windows based computers or servers.

“Backup & recovery has always been a major concern for SMB users. Both Acronis and PROMISE are committed on delivering reliable, cost effective and simple backup and recovery solutions, ” said Bill Taylor, President for Acronis APAC. “Acronis Backup & Recovery and SmartStor NSx700 combined will allow SMB users to ease their backup and recovery concerns significantly.”

The SmartStor NSx700 Series features an eco-friendly design to decrease the carbon footprint. Equipped with an 80 PLUS certified power adapter, the NSx700 Series delivers increased power efficiency. The NSx700 is MAID 2.0 compliant, allowing the hard drives to adjust the spinning speed or spin down when the system is not busy or idle, dramatically decreasing the unnecessary power wasted by the hard drives.

SmartStor NSx700 Specifications
Intel Atom™ D525 Dual-Core 1.8 GHz Processor
NS6700/NS4700 up to 6/4 2TB SATAII 2TB HDD support
Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
5 x USB 2.0 host ports
RAID Level: NS4700 RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10/ NS6700 RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50
PDM (Predictive Disk Migration)

About PROMISE Technology
With a long history of innovation, PROMISE Technology develops and manufactures sophisticated RAID solutions recognized worldwide, ranging from a complete line of RAID controller cards to FC/iSCSI/SAS/SATA RAID subsystems. Catering to enterprise, mid-range, entry-level consumer data protection needs, PROMISE products are distinguished by their Unified Common RAID Core and management software and unparalleled support. Headquartered in Milpitas, USA and Hsinchu, Taiwan, PROMISE has operations throughout Europe and Asia.

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