Wherever people management, scheduling, tracking and protection are key issues, Logosoft are able to support your business with software and systems that simplify and streamline processes, saving time and money and providing your staff with the security and support they need. Established in 1992, and with more than 200 installations we are the premier supplier of systems designed specifically to enable manned guarding companies to streamline their business and operational processes.

Through continual product development based on user feedback, Logosoft’s team of software developers and industry specialists has created a market leading product portfolio, sharing a common database to include recruitment, personnel screening, manpower scheduling, real-time capture of time and attendance data, lone worker protection solutions and active shift monitoring.

Offering an unparalleled combination of power, flexibility and ease of use, Logosoft systems are designed to get the job done and are sufficiently robust to support around the clock operations. Training is integral to every installation and help desk support is available alongside the online resources available through our website.

A comprehensive support package provides for free upgrades which future-proof your investment by ensuring that your systems continue to satisfy relevant national and international standards and meet the requirements of professional inspection bodies, take advantage of proven and emerging technologies and give your business a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

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