Prodec Networks amaze the security industry with Bonded 3G

Prodec Networks
Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks attended IFSEC International last week (14th-17th May), show-casing the Bonded 3G solution to the CCTV and security industries.

Russell Barley, Owner, Prodec Networks said: “Our Bonded 3G solution provides a reliable and resilient wireless Business Class 3G connection from any location, eliminating the need for fixed line services”.

Prodec Networks works closely with CCTV camera manufacturers and installers to provide their clients with a full CCTV solution. Bonded 3G also provides companies who need to monitor their sites 24/7 the facility to do so over a resilient network independent connection.

Operating over a mobile data network, Prodec Networks’ Bonded 3G solution combines multiple disparate mobile data streams into a single logical data connection. This data connection is not limited by physical location, infrastructure or single point of failure.

Kevin Hendy, Head of Unified Communications, Prodec Networks said: “We are able to provide our security conscious clients with secure internet connectivity from multiple providers. Utilising both wired and wireless technologies over a single fixed IP address, ensures that no matter what happens at premise or network level, connectivity is guaranteed. This has a major advantage over single connection solutions”.

Accessing up to 6 SIM cards in a single solution from the UK’s major mobile data providers, enables Prodec Networks’ clients to run a number of security critical services over a resilient network independent connection.

Chris Sherwood, Prodec Client said: “Prodec Networks provided their Bonded 3G solution across my entire estate in less than a week. This solution allows me to remotely monitor all my premises, has led to a reduction in insurance costs and I’ve finally had a good night’s sleep!”



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