Presenting the Vemer time mangement clock


This is a great piece of technology. The DIN mount design is compact, sleek and very professional.

One of its best features is the simple programming. It is very similar to a digital watch. It was so easy to program, I did it without looking at the manual. The digital display is intuitive and the buttons are incredibly clear. You will instinctively know what to press.

Not only is this clock simple to use, it simply saves time. When you enter the correct date, the clock will automatically adjust each time when spring and autumn come around (known as BST adjust).

The standby battery life is three years and simple to replace. All you need to do is snap open the rear cover and slot a new battery in.  The din rail mount means you can install the time clock on the same rail as other equipment; the compact shape means that you can place it just about anywhere and it will not take up much room.  Need to stack a few of them on the same rail? Easy, they stack neatly like books on a shelf.

The display can be PIN protected should tampering be an issue, and the cover can also be locked for added security. As you can see, all possible applications have been thought of when this product gadget was put together.

This product is ideal for many different installations, for example it can easily integrate into access control, door entry or gate automation installations.

You have a choice of power supplies:
·         12V AC/DC VE462800
·         24V AC/DC VE463600
·         230V AC     VP871800

For technical details of each model please follow:


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