Predator IR PTZ Dome camera gets the THERMAL treatment!

360 Vision predator trio
360 Vision predator trio

360 Vision predator trio

Newly Launched here at 360 Vision is the totally unbelievable Thermal version Predator. With lens options from 5mm to 35mm,

Thermal Predator gives an unbelievable Thermal detection of up to 780m Detection, 190m Recognition and 97m Identification (using 35mm option)

Why use Thermal?

Airports, military, Fire applications, utility sites and rail – all environments where potentially external lighting is not possible or in situ. Thermal gives zero lux viewing capabilities, as it is mounted directly alongside a standard Day/Night WDR Sony module. The Thermal camera moves with the Predator, offering unparalleled early detection performance.

With Thermal, Video Content Analytics really become effective. Zero Lux movement detection that can then be tied to other VCA’s such as Tracking, Preset recall, External Alarm triggers, providing a major leap forward in event driven and live monitored applications alike.

Offering an industry unique DUAL SIMULTANEOUS Analogue and Thermal BNC output, giving True Day/Night WDR Sony performance (18x, 26x and 36x Zoom options), alongside zero lux Thermal, the Thermal Predator also has a single IR LED array to offer IR lighting support to the analogue output, and it’s made in Great Britain!

For further details and also to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Sales Manager Adrian Kirk on M: 07713361053 or email

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