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pr originsWhat’s your story?

When you launch a security product or service – what do you do? Write a press release about its innovative features and benefits? Add a blog post, a tweet or add a picture on Facebook?

What happens if you told the actual story of the product or service, not in terms of how it was made, but why your company decided it was right to launch? How does it naturally fit with your existing offerings, but stand out from the crowded marketplace? What if you could add the personality of your company into your new product or service offering and sell this at the same time to your target audience?

Welcome to the world of content marketing, a practice where focusing on the relevant and getting rid of the fluff is what matters.

Content marketing is not about press releases, a tweet and the odd blog post. It’s an integrated marketing strategy, it’s telling your story differently and well – and the best bit – don’t be shy about getting creative and having some fun!

Content marketing allows careful use of multiple channels to increase awareness of a brand. It encourages conversation, and not being afraid to ask questions. Increasing activity in the comments box leads to more engagement on your website, and higher engagement will lead to brand loyalty and sales.

When you’re developing a content marketing campaign, remember that your brand is not only about your product or service, it’s also about your company’s culture. What does your company really stand for? Remember sales basics, that emotions are key – even in business to business marketing.

Content marketing can proudly continue to tell your story with character and still make the point effectively, using all the media opportunities available to security.

And the starting point? It’s finding your story to tell in an innovative and engaging way that’s full of energy. Then it’s about creating the strategy to break through the clutter, and win more customers, often by marketing less but also utilising online and offline opportunities to fuel more effective results.

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