PPSS Body Armour CEO takes a bullet to prove his vest works


Getting shot in the stomach is no picnic as this video from PPSS Body Armour shows. The CEO of PPSS Body Armour put his own body on the line in a demonstration of the effectiveness of his company’s body armour.

Robert Kaiser donned a bullet-resistant vest and stood just 3 meters from a man holding a Glock 19 handgun loaded with 9x19mm FMJ 124gr ammunition.

The video on Youtube shows Kaiser bracing himself for the shot and then being hit in the abdomen by a single shot.

Clearly feeling some pain, he quickly removes the vest to reveal that the bullet has not pierced the vest. However, he readily admits that it hurt and he expected to suffer from some bruising for several days after.

“I have seen many body armour companies making astonishing claims, so I decided to offer real physical evidence using live ammunition,” he said.

PPSS Body Armour has launched its light and thin NIJ Level IIIA+ bullet proof vest to offer executive and diplomatic security professionals the best possible concealable protection.

Just 6.5mm thick, it weighs 1.65kg and provides a protective area of 0.28sqm.

Made out of a high performance ballistic material, this new bullet proof vest also offers additional protection from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm, PPSS says. And waterproof and breathable Cordura® 180 and temperature controlling Outlast® space technology make this body armour an ideal choice especially in hot and humid conditions.

It also features a 0.85mm trauma liner providing extremely effective blunt trauma protection.


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