PPG raises the bar for high-security products even higher

Perimeter Protection Group has further enhanced its reputation with its innovative high security products. The M50 hydraulic bollard successfully passed the ASTM F2656-07 M50 crash test at KARCO Engineering in Adelanto/California. A 6.8 T truck impacted the bollard with a speed of 80km/h. The bollard resisted easily and reached a P2 rating.

With this success, the company has set new standards. In high security applications like airports, diplomatic sites, military sites, power plants and prisons etc., the demand for high security protection is growing continuously. Perimeter Protection Group has continually developed its products, designed improvements and tested in order to fulfill these increasing market requirements.

Thanks to its technical construction, the M50 hydraulic bollard now belongs to one of the leading high security product ranges in the global market.

Unique Selling Points are the shallow foundation – 400mm (excluding the lowering part for the bollard) and the hydraulic power unit being self-contained within the bollard which makes it easy to install.

Perimeter Protection Group proves once again that their product portfolio is at the cutting edge of technology and precedent-setting for the high security market.



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