Post 2012 Games Resiliency Masterclass

Masterclass - Post 2012 Games Resiliency
Masterclass  - Post 2012 Games Resiliency

Masterclass – Post 2012 Games Resiliency

26th September 2012, Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland

An exclusive Masterclass, providing insights into the nature of the threat perceived to The 2012 Games, will be staged at the Blythswood Square Hotel in the city centre of Glasgow on Wednesday 26th September 2012.

The Masterclass will examine the nature of the threat that presented itself in the run up to and during The 2012 Games and observations on the multi-agency response to the threat.

All drawing from open sources and emerging trends in international terrorism.

The Tutor and International Terrorist Analyst is Dr Dave Sloggett of the Dorset Police and Essex Police Gold Command Teams.

The Masterclass is limited to a small number of delegates. This is designed to enhance the learning opportunity and create a safe learning environment that will be evident throughout the focus on Masterclass case studies.

This is a unique and timely opportunity for delegates to benefit from a debrief on the security challenges that emerged in the course of The 2012 Games and the lessons that can be taken away.

The Masterclass will illustrate specific challenges that occurred in the period of planning prior to the arrival of the Torch in the United Kingdom, insights from the Relay itself and then examples drawn from The Games as they progressed.

The aim of the Masterclass is to provide an in-depth learning environment in which key multi-agency leaders involved in the planning of events such as The 2014 Games in Scotland will quickly benefit from a debrief before the passage of time dulls memories.

The delegate rate is £275 + vat.

All bookings and further details to be progressed through the event

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