21st Century’s Plug & Play CCTV declared an export success

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Since 21st Century launched the UK’s most cost effective and easiest to use range of Plug & Play CCTV systems the company has seen huge demand for the products.  In the two months that the systems have been available, 21st Century has sold over 500 units to new customers, including many to the export markets.

The company’s highly experienced team of in-house engineers has produced an extensive range of easy to install and simple to operate CCTV systems for all types of transport, from company cars and taxis to school buses and coaches.  The systems are all specifically designed to be robust and flexible without compromising on functionality or any of the essential features for the mobile CCTV environment.

The Plug & Play product range consists of different types of mobile cameras, with 4, 8 and 12 channel digital video recorders, plus monitors and other options.  All systems are supplied complete with connectors and accessories facilitating the easiest installations.

The systems are designed to provide excellent quality images and ease of installation straight from the box – operational within a matter of minutes and with a two year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Paul Rogers, Director of Sales and Marketing for 21st Century Technology Solutions, comments:  “Since the launch of Plug & Play at Euro Bus Expo in November, sales have surpassed our expectations and customers are really pleased with the product.

The range starts from less than £500 and is clearly attractive for businesses wanting low cost and easy to use systems with high quality digital video that they can install and manage themselves with the minimum of man hours and vehicle downtime.”

About 21st Century Technology plc
21st Century is the UK market leader and has pioneered the use of wireless mobile CCTV systems. The company is preferred supplier of mobile CCTV systems for Arriva UK Bus and the Go-Ahead Group. Transport for London commissioned the company to undertake a trial of ‘LiveView’ – a system which transmits live CCTV from vehicles to control centres.  21st Century was also the first company to successfully launch mobile wireless CCTV with Automatic Video Downloads and a mobile CCTV monitoring system (HeartbeatTM) which allows CCTV managers to remotely download CCTV footage from vehicles and check that all the CCTV systems are fully operational.   The company’s overhead camera passenger counting device, known as PAS – Passenger Analysis System, links to electronic ticket machines and enables passenger transport operators to analyse specific bus route ticket sales and passenger numbers.

EcoManager is the company’s award winning vehicle diagnostic tool which saves fuel and assists drivers in adopting a more economic, smoother and safer driving style by representing the optimum efficiency level for driving any vehicle through an Integrated Safety Device.  The ISD lights a series of red, amber and green lights on a ‘real-time’ dashboard display according to how efficiently the bus is being driven.  The company’s integrated Passenger Comfort Indicator highlights when braking, accelerating and cornering is done correctly. Comprehensive web based management reports show which drivers on which routes are driving most efficiently and safely and highlighting drivers that need additional training to lower cost and increase safety for transport operators.

The Rail Division is a market leader focusing on providing end to end CCTV design, supply and installation services throughout the rail industry in the UK. The company is supplier to London and Birmingham Railway, Southern Railway and London & South Eastern Railway. Providing expertise in standard and bespoke system design and product selection the company integrates with new and existing systems to manage risk and increase the level of security throughout the UK rail network.

Brandon Taggart
21st Century Technology Solutions
0844 871 7932

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