Pixim announces integration of its Seawolf Chip into deView’s new camera range

deView NamePlate Camera

deView NamePlate Camera

deView NamePlate Camera

deView develops range of cameras based on Seawolf, Pixim’s latest chip technology.

Pixim Inc., a leading provider of imaging chips for enterprise security cameras, announced that deView electronics has introduced eight new cameras integrating Seawolf, Pixim’s newest chip. Models include box, indoor dome, vandal dome, ATM, and innovative single-gang box-in-wall-plate and name plate cameras. The Seawolf-based domes are designed with a patent-pending, quick-install adaptor for easy mounting on walls and ceilings while the name plate camera allows the end user to capture facial shots from an ordinary-looking desk name plate.

Seawolf cameras by deView are specified at an effective resolution of 690 HTVL and offer the industry’s proven best  wide dynamic range. In addition, Seawolf-based cameras require just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce usable, color images at 30 frames per second.

“The new Seawolf platform allows us to take our CCTV camera offering to the next level,” says Mike Sheehan, deView’s president and CEO. “The enhanced digital technology integrated into Seawolf allows us to offer all-lighting capability at mainstream price points to the customers in our largest end markets, including the finance, retail, commercial, education, and city center verticals.”

“deView is fully utilizing Seawolf ‘s advantages,” says John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim. “They have developed a single base Seawolf camera in five different form factors so each customer regardless of application can benefit from Seawolf’s all-lighting capabilities.”

About Pixim
Pixim Inc. has developed unique imaging technology that revolutionizes the way video cameras capture and process images. Unlike traditional image capture technologies, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim’s patented Digital Pixel System® technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras constantly self-adjusting. This all-digital system enables Pixim-powered cameras to efficiently capture the whole picture, regardless of lighting condition or application – thus securing the highest resolution, natural color and clarity, while automatically eliminating image-compromising visual noise (e.g., glare, reflections). The result is more than superb image quality; it is accurate, actionable information that gives users the strength of certainty.

Pixim chips are incorporated into over a million security cameras installed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit www.pixim.com/cameras for a complete listing of Pixim-based cameras. For general information, visit www.pixim.com or call Pixim’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., at (650) 605-1118.

About deView electronics
To learn more about the deView electronics product line, go to www.deviewelectronics.com. You can also call 214-222-3332 or email Sales@devieweelctronics.com For OEM applications, contact Terry Louthan, product manager, at 972-316-3514.

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