PIR-T15WE high performance triple mirror intruder PIR  

TAKEX EUROPE LIMITED will be introducing the all-new PIR-T15WE high performance triple mirror passive infrared detector designed for both indoor and outdoor intruder applications.

With 4 selectable operation modes including low position, high position, pet, and high density, the PIR-T15WE offers the ultimate in detection versatility; capable of reaching distances of up to 15 metres from a mounting height of 2 to 6m throughout a full 80 degrees of coverage. The newly developed triple mirror/three twin-pyro optical system features a geared mirror array allowing detection patterns to be dynamically optimised for maximum performance depending on the chosen mounting height and operation mode.

Independently controlled pyro devices in each optical unit use intelligent signal processing to eliminate nuisance alarms associated with small animals, and the dedicated pet operation mode further enhances discrimination performance against medium-sized animals. Precise detection area adjustment is made possible by projecting coloured LED’s onto the surface of each mirror -visible only from inside the detection zone during the alignment process allowing sensitive zones to be fine-tuned to individual site requirements as desired. The PIRT15WE’s unassuming design allows it to blend discreetly into any industrial, commercial or domestic environment, and the internally adjustable optic system helps to conceal the detection area and direction for more secure protection.

Other enhanced features including creep zone detection, near area cancellation, dual outputs, and lightning surge protection make the PIR-T15WE a key addition to the TAKEX family of high performance intrusion detection sensors.

Attendees of IFSEC 2015 will have the opportunity to experience the PIR-T15WE first-hand, Hall

S13 stand H1210.

Additional details including pricing will be announced in local markets at the time of availability.

Key Specifications:

  • 4 selectable operation modes; low position, high position, pet, and high density.
  • up to 15m x 80 degree coverage
  • 2m to 6m installation height (depending on operation mode)
  • high performance triple mirror optical system
  • precise detection area adjustment function
  • lightning surge protection
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP55)
  • available in white (W) and grey/black (G)

Find out more about this product here.


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