Pioneering iwitness system helps Police make two arrests

Securi-Guard Fire and Security’s pioneering iwitnesssystem has had a real impact, helping police make two arrests at a site being monitored in Plymoutiwitness-1h.

The cost effective, battery operated system was used to alert police to two suspects who were both subsequently arrested by officers from Devon and Cornwall police.

Mark Tapper, Business Development Manager – Security Services at Securi-Guard said: “We are delighted that the iwitness system has assisted police in making an arrest and helped one of our clients protect their property effectively.

“It proves that the iwitness system is really tailor made for the temporary protection of both sites and assets and offers flexibility, as well as excellent value for money.”

Plymouth-based Securi-Guard, the region’s largest independent supplier of fire and security solutions, says there is growing interest in the new system that uses mobile phone technology to transmit intruder detected images.

Securi-Guard has also launched a separate website outlining detailed specification on the new iwitness system at

The iwitness system is aimed at businesses and organisations looking for the perfect way to quickly and easily protect against fire and intruders.

It is extremely portable, with a whole host of applications and with no wires or mains power required, it can be installed swiftly in any property or location.

Property management companies, estate agents, construction companies, scaffolding providers and owners of vulnerable remote locations can all benefit from the iwitness technology

The systems are designed for buildings and property that may be vacant or void for a period of time, in a remote location or for companies looking for a temporary security system.

Detectors can be fitted and up and running in minutes and the CCTV images it captures are monitored by staff at Securi-Guard’s Gold Award standard Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) at its Estover HQ.

As the systems are operated by a battery that has up to a three year life span they are ideal for premises where the electricity may have been shut down and will stand vacant or void.

The detectors combine a passive infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera and infrared illuminators into a single wireless battery powered security device. Products are available for both indoor and outdoor use and Securi-Guard can also fit the system with a smoke detector to provide additional fire alert capabilities.

The system also prevents unnecessary call-outs to a location as a Security Response is only dispatched if the CCTV shows something untoward on the computer screen in the ARC.


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