Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS solution, a ground-breaking user experience

Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS solution

Simple and logical operation make Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS solution a ground-breaking user experience.

Pelco’s new video and information management software (VMS), VideoXpert™, delivers simple and logical operation, without compromising functionality. VideoXpert™ displays site events in real-time, enabling an immediate and appropriate operator response. Its user interface is highly intuitive, so operators can use the system effectively, with minimal training requirements. Plug-in architecture enables simple expansion and third-party integration.

Mark Pritchard, EMEA Marketing Director for Pelco, explained, “VMS solutions are traditionally used in larger, more complex video systems which, historically, have been complicated to install, configure and manage. The focus of VideoXpert™ has been its ease of install and operation with an easy-to-navigate, user interface, to provide both comprehensive site surveillance and logical workflow management for operators and site managers. It suits projects of any size and complexity.

“Our ‘Unified User Interface’ is based on established and familiar web browser navigation designs, creating a ground-breaking six monitor work station and user experience. Individual elements are dragged and dropped into position to create a customized operator workspace. Tabs are used to select between different camera views on each monitor and an embedded mapping interface is included. A VideoXpert™ operator controls up to six monitors that behave as a single workstation, each monitor displaying up to 16 video channels simultaneously.”

Incident management functionality allows operators to locate and collate site events from one or more synchronized cameras; organize playlists of events across multiple cameras; and export, save and archive camera playlists for future reference. Third-party plug-ins correlate video with critical business data; unify business, operational and security data; and integrate VideoXpert™ with further video analytics and security system functionality.
Mark added, “Multi-site applications can be centrally managed with VideoXpert™ using a single workspace interface. Deployment is on distributed IT architecture, which enables built-in redundancy and modular, scalable, failover management. This not only increases reliability, but also reduces the impact of system-wide failures, should they occur.”

Pelco Endura® and Digital Sentry® video products are fully integrated with VideoXpert™, which will preserve and reference the video archives associated with NSM and Digital Sentry® Pelco devices. Existing IT hardware, used by other VMS systems, can also be re-purposed for use with VideoXpert™.

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