PDC in Europe combines with BIG France, BIG UK and CIPI Europe into one Global People ID company

pdc logo updatedAs part of Brady’s continuing effort to streamline our businesses, work more efficiently and get closer to our customers, PDC in Europe are combining with BIG France, BIG UK and CIPI Europe to form one company.

The objective of the integration is to build a leading Global People Identification company, focused on innovation, quality and excellent customer service. Our aim is to provide the most innovative and widest range available of People Identification products such as badges, wristbands and lanyards.

This integration has been completed on November 4th, 2013. The combined business will be referred to as PDC BIG (www.pdc-big.com), and will serve as Brady’s center of expertise in the Global People ID market.

As a result we will be able to offer our customers a list of exclusive advantages:

  • A wider range of products including badges, wristbands and lanyards
  • An expanded staff bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and new ideas to the business
  • Improved customer support
  • Improved processes and efficiency such as online ordering, delivery around times, etc.
  • More innovation to our customers such as RFID and Software solutions

“From the very first moment of the Brady acquisition, it was clear to us that Brady’s global size, broader product portfolio, stronger manufacturing dimension and extensive R&D would lead to exciting opportunities,” said Jens Fiig, Managing Director of PDC Europe. “PDC, BIG & CIPI are a great fit, and we look forward to working as one team to bring new benefits to our customers such as improved processes and customer service and new innovative product development.

For more information visit www.pdcsolutions.eu or www.big.fr.

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