PCE launches custom made CBRN communications vest

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 13.23.29PCE is proud to announce the launch of their CBRN/CBRNe vests. The military-style vests have been introduced to serve the needs of the Emergency Service personnel such as Ambulance Paramedics, Fire & Rescue Workers and those who work in mission-critical environments.
CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear, for CBRNe the ‘e’ indicates explosive.

CBRN Vest 1
Primarily, the vest has been designed for utilisation with CBRN PPE Suits, however the vest can be considered for any application where the user is wearing heavy duty PPE.

Constructed from a lightweight, breathable fabric, the vest has different pocket configurations, allowing the user to tailor the product to meet individual requirements.

It allows for a range of communication products, such as Two-Way Radios, External Speakers, Ear Pieces and PTT Switches, to be carried on the body under protective clothing.

CBRN Vest 2The items are safely secured onto the vest in relevant compartments to avoid damage in harsh environments. The vest incorporates cable management straps to ensure all cabling is secured comfortably and the equipment is readily available and accessible at the touch of a button. On the rear of the vest is a pocket designed specifically for carrying a hydration pack, such as Camelbak®.

The vest is available now and can be set up to suit your existing equipment and needs.

Contact us to book a meeting or to arrange a demonstration viewing.

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E-mail:   stephensmith@PCE-exeter.co.uk
Web:      www.pce-exeter.com

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