Paxton’s UK-wide product showcases prove a huge success with installers


Paxton wrapped up 2018 by showcasing their latest developments in hardware and software directly to hundreds of customers. The UK-wide product showcases included demos of the latest releases; new wireless door handle, PaxLock Pro and access control app, Paxton Connect Admin.

Bill Pratt, Common-sense Security, said: “For me, the Paxton Showcase ticked all the right boxes. The presentation was really informative, and the half-day session included everything I needed to know about the Net2 range. The Q&A with the PaxLock Pro Product Manager was a great chance to learn more about the new product in more detail.”

The new PaxLock Pro impressed attendees at the end of year show and they also enjoyed demos other new releases including; Net2 Entry Premium monitor and Net2 Entry Touch panel. Along with tips from Paxton’s industry experts in Sales and Product Management who provided advice on creating a competitive and compelling quote to help installers win more business.

The Paxton Showcase took place at 19 locations across the UK and Ireland, with 344 people attending the 30 sessions. The Paxton Sales and Training teams were delighted to report a high attendance rate which is well above the industry average for this type of event.

Steve Kench-Cannon, from Active Security Group, said: “I found the Paxton Showcase really useful. It filled in some gaps in my product knowledge and I learnt how the different Net2 products can work together. The quoting exercise was great and gave a practical demonstration of the journey you go on when creating a quote with customers.”

Kevin Osborne, Osborne Electrical Services, said: “The Paxton Showcase had a nice open forum, I enjoyed the atmosphere and it was great to have the opportunity to chat and ask questions. The new PaxLock Pro looks great and I look forward to quoting it to my customers.”

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