Paxton’s Net2 Anywhere offers remote monitoring via your web browser

Net2 Anywhere
Net2 Anywhere

Net2 Anywhere

Paxton, market leaders in access control, have released an exciting new addition to their popular electronic access control system, Net2, which allows remote monitoring via an iPhone or web browser!

Hot on the heels of the September re-launch of their leading access control software, Net2 Pro, Paxton are proud to introduce Net2 Anywhere. Net2 Anywhere is a fantastic new online application within Net2 Pro, Paxton’s intelligent feature-rich Net2 software. Net2 Pro offers advanced features like building control, HR programs, sophisticated system integration, and now remote access, from anywhere in the world.


With Net2 Anywhere you can now monitor and make changes to your Net2 access control system via a web browser or specialised Net2 iPhone apps, so you don’t have to be at the central server PC to access events in Net2. Customers can now access Net2 from anywhere, make changes to Net2 on the move and maintain a certain level of control over their site remotely. This is great for businesses keen to keep their system administration rights to a minimum and perfect for customers who travel a lot and need flexible management.

Net2 is easy to access via any major browser, and allows customers to monitor Events, Reports and Users in Net2. Events allow customers to see who is in the building at a glance and view all staff and visitor movements. Reports allow you to see refined building events like who has clocked in last, and last known position of staff and visitors. You can even add new users remotely, using a Net2 desktop reader.

Net2 Anywhere iPhone apps are exclusively available from the App Store and great value at just £2.99 each. Net2 iPhone apps include Open Doors, Reports, Timesheet, Users and Roll Call. Open Doors is a great feature that lets you  open doors for any of your Net2 sites, from anywhere, as long as you have your iPhone handy. This is ideal for giving remote access to maintenance contractors or out of hours staff. Timesheet allows you to clock in and out using an iPhone; and request annual leave at the touch of a button; ideal for those who often work out of the office.

You can use the Roll Call app to generate roll call reports in the event of a fire or emergency at your building; this will ensure that you have an accurate list of safe and unaccounted for staff to pass on to the emergency services when they arrive.

One site making the most of the Net2 Anywhere features is Polhill Garden Centre; a family run business based in Sevenoaks that employs nearly 200 staff. Directors Mark and Pete use Net2 Anywhere to enable them to manage their site remotely when away from the garden centre on business. They use Net2 Anywhere to make changes to Polhill’s system using the Net2 iPhone apps. Mark and Pete get peace of mind, knowing that only the Directors have access to manage Polhill’s access control system; the perfect solution for any rapidly developing business.

Mark says: “We use so many of the features in Net2 Pro software; it’s now integral to the smooth day to day running of Polhill. Net2 Anywhere has certainly made our lives easier.”


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