Paxton and neaMetrics Integration Provides Biometric Identity Management Solution with Suprema Technology

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Paxton, UK market leader of electronic IP access control and door entry solutions has announced the integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with neaMetric’s biometric management application, ProSync. The integration utilises technology from the leading global provider of biometrics, Suprema.

This integration allows seamless connectivity of Suprema access control readers and Paxton’s Net2 access control platform enabling the straightforward addition of biometrics to Net2. This provides a user-friendly interface to manage building security more easily. Administrators can biometrically enrol users, create biometric tokens in Net2 and automatically link user templates to Suprema access control readers. This is all done via the addition of a single function to the Net2 client software.

Frequent upgrades to the ProSync biometric management engine make it ideal for continuously evolving business requirements. New functions and features are also released as they become available, avoiding long, costly product specific development and maintenance cycles.

Paxton provides industry-leading access control systems which meet the challenges and trends of the security market. With 30 years’ experience, they offer engineering excellence, creating simple, yet intelligent and innovative products with simplicity designed in, ensuring they are straightforward to install, use and maintain. Net2 is the UK’s most popular access control solution. The IP based networked security system offers centralised administration and control of sites ranging from one to hundreds of doors, and thousands of users.

neaMetrics aims to develop, implement and maintain expert IT systems with a distinct focus on customer needs, quality and superior service delivery. The main areas of focus are to provide expert business systems as well as to integrate fingerprint biometrics into existing solutions.

Walter Rautenbach, neaMetric’s Managing Director, said: “Paxton delivers an exceedingly effective access control solution which is easy to use and suitable for any size operation. Our benchmark was to keep it easy with an interface that opens up the world of Suprema biometrics within Net2 with no fuss! Whilst utilising the proven neaMetricsProSync engine, it is nowhere to be seen, but takes care of all the aspects of biometrics allowing users to continue to enjoy their Net2 experience. We are looking forward to the new markets created through this seamless integration of globally recognised front-runners in biometrics and access control.”

Suprema Inc. is a leading global provider of biometrics technology and identity management solutions in biometrics and security. The company’s range of products includes fingerprint modules, biometric access control systems, e-passport readers and live-scanners.

Young S. Moon, Suprema Inc’s Vice President, said: “The integration of Suprema biometric readers withPaxton’s Net2 access control is a well-blended combination of state-of-the-art solutions in each category of biometrics and access control. This integrated solution will enable users to enjoy the power of Suprema’s biometric authentication solutions under the same Net2 access control environments.”

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Paxton’s market leading Net2 access control is built upon the foundations of being easy to install, configure and operate, whilst neaMetrics pride themselves on transforming users needs into working solutions as demonstrated with the Suprema ProSync Paxton integration.

The wealth of experience and expertise held by neaMetrics and Suprema make this the ideal integration for our installers. We hope it provides an ideal solution to suit their needs, and look forward to receiving feedback.”

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