Paxton and Microlatch Integrate to Provide a Higher Level of Security with Fingerprint Authentication

Paxton and Microlatch Integrate to Provide a Higher Level of Security with Fingerprint Authentication

Paxton, UK market leader of electronic IP access control and door entry solutions has announced the integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with Microlatch’s BIOFOB range of biometric tokens.

The integration offers a higher level of security to Paxton’s existing Net2 infrastructure with the addition of fingerprint authentication, meaning that only verified users can activate the tokens, improving the level of assurance offered. All biometric credentials are stored locally on the BIOFOB, overcoming privacy issues and avoiding the need for additional software or hardware.

In keeping with Paxton’s ethos of making straightforward products, adding BIOFOB-ID-PX to a Net2 system is extremely simple. No installation is required, simply enrol the administrators BIOFOB using the same process as a standard card or token, then allocate it to the authorised user. Net2 software will continue to monitor and manage the user, as it would normally, but with the addition of a biometric layer of security.

Additionally, sites will not need to change existing readers as each BIOFOB includes an integral Paxton HiTag2 chip enabling compatibility with all Paxton readers for seamless integration.

Chris Burke, Microlatch Founder & President, said: “Integrating BIOFOB with Paxton’s Net2 access control is a milestone achieved in Microlatch’s growth plan. Paxton has become the leading access control manufacturer in its field. With this integration agreed and implemented, we can see the future benefits for our customers coming to realisation.”

Paxton provides industry-leading access control systems which meet the challenges and trends of the security market. With 30 years’ experience, they offer engineering excellence, creating simple, yet intelligent and innovative products with simplicity designed in, ensuring they are straightforward to install, use and maintain.

Net2 is the UK’s most popular access control solution. The IP based networked security system offers centralised administration and control of sites ranging from one to hundreds of doors, and thousands of users.

Microlatch is synonymous with mobile biometric solutions, and is renowned for wireless mobile security with its encrypted communications devices. With a global reach since 2003, Microlatch’s integration is paramount to offering industry specific solutions to its partners and customers.

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Our Net2 access control delivers an easy to use, effective solution suitable for buildings of any size. The Paxton and Microlatch integration enhances Net2 access control, providing increased levels of security with the addition of a biometric layer.

We always aim to offer the latest and most appropriate complete solutions for our customers and are excited to be in the position to provide them with what they need. We hope the integration answers demand for a versatile, highly secure system that protects the users data.”

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