Paxton launch ‘IP Access Control Bootcamp’ to boost infrastructure installers

paxton-logoAccess control manufacturer Paxton has launched a new IP Access Control Bootcamp aimed at helping get infrastructure installers started in the security market.

The IP Access Control Bootcamp is a robust programme of activities specifically tailored to get infrastructure installers confident and ready to sell IP access control. Paxton have identified that their leading access control products are a perfect addition to an infrastructure installer’s portfolio.

They have designed the campaign specially to help them to get ahead in an already competitive market. The IT industry is changing, and there has never been an easier time to get involved.

The bootcamp is designed to show installers how easy it is to sell, quote and install IP access control to a building’s network, leaving them confident to go through the process themselves from start to finish. Paxton have broken the bootcamp down into four easy steps for getting started:

  • Download the free Easy Guide to IP Access Control for easy to follow information and support
  • Attend a free 30 minute webinar from their home or office, for a convenient and time efficient way to learn about security and infrastructure opportunities
  • Book a visit from a Paxton sales expert, where they will get help and advice on how to explore market opportunities and pinpoint where they can increase business from existing customers
  • Arrange a free training session at their premises, to help them to understand Paxton’s IP ready access control systems and feel confident quoting and fitting them to a site

Installers taking part in the IP Access Control Bootcamp will be given a complete overview of the relationship between electronic access control and IT installations, free training and sales advice, and supported all the way through their first installation by the Paxton team.

Paxton access control products are IP ready and IT friendly. With IP access control, electronic tokens and smartcards replace traditional locks and keys, providing electronic building security that sits on the network, securing access to doors and keeping staff and assets safe. Infrastructure installers can use their present technical knowledge and customer base, scoring incremental sales in access control from their current IT customers.

Adam Stroud, CEO of the Paxton Group, said: “Thousands of buildings are in need of IT and security solutions. The IP Access Control Bootcamp will help infrastructure installers to identify and access new profit margins that, with the right training, are theirs for the taking.”


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