Paxton Donate IT Equipment to Computers 4 Africa

The Paxton Group, market leader of electronic access control and door entry solutions, now donate IT equipment to Computers 4 Africa, a charity that equips children with the necessary skills to work in a global environment. It does this by supplying computers to those that would otherwise not have the opportunity to use, or access, a computer whilst at school.

The company hopes that by donating unused IT equipment it is supporting the charity’s drive of making a very real difference to the lives of African school children. At this exact moment there are 345,500 children in Africa using a PC donated by the charity and 1.45 million children in over 23 African countries, including Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, who have access to IT thanks to Computers 4 Africa.

Paxton, launched in South Africa earlier this year. Education is strongly ingrained in Paxton’s ethos; it invests significantly in the free training and education of its installers worldwide. Having spent time integrating and immersing in the country, the company decided to give something back so sought a pro-active and relevant approach to engage with the community.
The process for donating couldn’t be simpler. Computers 4 Africa receive working computers through collections and local donations from around the UK. The donated equipment is then data-wiped and refurbished, before being sent to schools, colleges and selected community projects across Africa.

Sharon Roberts, Head of Marketing at Compters 4 Africa, said: “To have Paxton’s support and ongoing relationship is highly encouraging; the equipment donated to date will be life changing to over 1,464 children who will benefit from these computers and IT equipment. This impressive display of reuse and repurposed computers will be used to empower students and young people, increasing their options for careers with the opportunity to earn in excess of three times the national average, lives will be changed forever”

Dan Drayton, Paxton Export Sales Manager, said “After a year in South Africa we really wanted to give something back to the community. At Paxton education is key and Computers 4 Africa has provided us with the opportunity to donate IT equipment to those with limited or no access to computers during their education. It is a brilliant charity with a valuable mission, and it is our pleasure to support them.”

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