Patrol Officer Colin is committed to furthering his career

l-r Colin Bevan, Adam Callaghan, Bob Truesdale, Rob Jones, Paul Hands and Tony Bowd ( please note Jamie Carr ws unavailable) (2)

Colin Bevan, Adam Callaghan, Bob Truesdale, Rob Jones, Paul Hands and Tony Bowd

Mobile patrol officer Colin Bevan impressed bosses at Securi-Guard by volunteering to put himself through a fire extinguisher course so he could try and further his career with the company.

Colin swapped his guard duties to join six other members of staff on the four day course run by Fire Extinguisher Training Associates Ltd on behalf of the Fire Industry Association.

The training was a crucial step in the company’s aim to gain accreditation for the maintenance of fire extinguishers by BAFE, the independent organisation dedicated to improving standards in fire protection.

Colin’s commitment to developing his skills and knowledge with the Plymouth-based security company by taking the course delighted Scott Boyd, Managing Director Fire and Security.

“All the senior management team were really pleased to hear Colin wanted to widen his skills base and expertise. As a family company we are always keen to encourage our staff to further their careers and we always support them anyway we can,” said Scott.

Colin said: “With the changing face of the modern security industry, I think it is important to learn new skills that could benefit me in my career progression at Securi-Guard. You need to be adaptable and this course could give me new opportunities.”

He was joined on the course by recently appointed Fire and Security Systems Manager Bob Truesdale, Service Manager Adam Callaghan, Install Engineers Jamie Carr and Tony Bowd, Service Engineer Rob Jones and Business Development Manager Paul Hands.

During the intensive three days training, followed by an examination, all the delegates learned theory and practical skills of carrying out servicing and maintenance of a number of portable extinguisher types.

They were taught about theory of fire, including the different types of flammable material, as well as the correct selection and positioning of the varied types of portable fire extinguisher. They also learned the correct techniques and requirements for the inspection and servicing of the equipment.

All the delegates were provided with a comprehensive manual covering the course details and will also be subject to an on-going assessment to allow the trainer to monitor their progress and provide additional help and support where required.

Fire and Security Manager Bob Truesdale said: “This was a fast paced course that will enable the Securi-Guard team to be trained to the highest industry standards.

“It will equip them with the necessary skills to deal with any problems they may face within the industry, with the widest and most comprehensive technical back-up possible.”

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