Patent Granted for Tracking of Aerial Targets Utilizing Video

PHOENIX, AZ. – As the commercial drone market continues to grow at an accelerating rate, so does the risk of malicious use of these devices and the need to successfully detect and take counter measures.  This is the focus of the most recent patent approval announced by PureTech Systems.  US Patent No 9,652,860 B1, “System and Method for Autonomous PTZ Tracking of Aerial Targets,” grants claims for video-based detection and tracking of targets against a featureless background, such as airborne aircraft and drones.  The patent leverages the company’s continued research and development using geospatial video analytics for both security and safety applications.

When protecting critical infrastructures, it is always desirable to detect events and issue alarms, but it is also becoming imperative to classify and track the threat.  Until recently, airborne threats represented a very low probability of occurrence.  However, the availability of advanced drone vehicles at affordable prices has made airborne threats more likely to all segments, including border protection, critical infrastructures, as well as, residential locations.

The patent includes four claims against new technology aimed at this threat increase.  The claims specifically address the method and system for detecting targets in a featureless background, such as the sky or ocean, classifying the targets and utilizing a pan-tilt-zoom camera to automatically follow the target.  This capability can be used for surveillance purposes, or integrated with various drone deterrence systems to take defensive actions.

“The drone industry is growing at a rapid rate,” notes Larry Bowe, president and CEO of PureTech Systems.  “Unfortunately, all this growth does not always come with good intentions.  For every innovation, there are those that would use them with mal intent.  This patent is intended to provide a means for security professionals to proactively react to airborne threats from drones and UAVs,” furthers Bowe.

The technology protected via the patent is available with the PureActiv geospatial video management system and independently for integration with most video management systems.  Although this technology will be used primarily for drone detection and deterrence, it is interesting to note that the PureActiv product also includes features which incorporate drone use as a means of adding airborne surveillance and response to a critical facility’s surveillance arsenal.  Such features, like drone dispatch to event, integrate drone systems into existing video surveillance systems to provide extended video protection.

In addition to the patent’s application towards drone detection and subsequent deterrence, the patent extends to other practical deployments including tracking of aircraft during approach and departure, and water-borne vessel detection and monitoring.

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