From Passive to Active Video Surveillance – Surveillance of Financial Institutions with RIVA®


Passive-to-Active-VideoIn banks or other financial institutions, surveillance cameras become indispensable especially to prevent and explain robbery or bank fraud. RIVAs DGUV certified IP cameras provide very high quality images to identify persons or capture details.

The official institute DGUV confirms that cameras can be used in all banking applications, money exchange- and financial institutions. Furthermore, the video analytics package VCA Presence is already integrated in all RIVA cameras. It includes, among others, a tamper protection, which triggers an alarm when moving, bagging and defocusing the camera. An optimal extension to VCA Presence is VCASurveillance. This package includes, inter alia, a dwell filter, which is particularly helpful to protect the self-service foyer on weekends or at nights, as these rooms are often damaged by vandalism or used for unauthorized purposes.

However, with the dwell filter an alarm is triggered directly, if a person stays longer than predefined in the foyer. The also included enter/exit filter triggers an alarm, if desired, every time a person enters the room. In that case it can be checked, from a central position, how the person behaves. If the analytics filters should not only be used for protection but also to count people, VCAadvanced is recommended, because this package additionally includes a counting line, which reliable counts people even in dense crowds.

The RIVA IP cameras RC3502HD, RC3502HD-IR, RC3302HD and RC3702HD are DGUV certified and are recommended to use in financial institutions. RIVAs RC3302HD and RC3702HD have a remote controllable pan and tilt function as well as a remote zoom/focus control. Thus, the camera can be focused automatically via mouse click and the installation can be made easily and quickly. All zones and lines can be set up individually due to an individual VCA setting for each position. Ten predefined positions can be monitored automatically via a timer function.

riva camerasThe RC3502HD Full HD Dome camera has a vandal proofed housing according to the IP66 and IK-10 classification. The model -5211 includes an objective with a varifocal lens. In contrast, the model -5311 has a motorized focus and zoom lens. The IR models are additionally equipped with build-in IR LEDs for low-light applications and cover an IR distance of up to 20 meters.

In the next part you will get to know, which RIVA cameras and video analytics filters should be used in your logistic center to guarantee smooth operations.

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