From passive to active video surveillance – RIVA® Home Security

Burglar entering through the balcony windowWorldwide every sixth second a domestic burglary takes place; in Germany every fourth minute. Thus, more and more surveillance cameras are purchased by private persons to protect their home against burglary and vandalism.

Often, conspicuously installed cameras outside the house already help to deter most potential culprits. Furthermore, with it entrances or gardens are ideally observed. RIVA´s RC6702HD and RC6802HD mini bullet cameras are perfectly suitable for outdoor applications during the day and at night. With 16 integrated high power IR LED´s, the RC6702HD achieves an illumination distance up to 20m. Moreover it has a variable focal lens of 3-9mm. Hence, the coverage range of the cameras and the level of details can be determined flexibly. In contrary the RC6802HD achieves an illumination distance up to 10m with 8 integrated LED´s and has a fixed focal lens of 4.3mm.

The compact RIVA home security cameras for indoor applications – RC302HD, RC3402HD and RCC100HD – can be installed inconspicuously inside your house and help to explain burglary or vandalism in the event of it. The RC302HD dome camera is characterized by its compact design, which offers a special protection against vandalism. The new dome camera RC3402HD reaches an illumination distance up to 20m with its 14 integrated high power IR-LED’s. The RCC100HD cube camera with 2-way audio support achieves a frame rate up to 30 frames per second at 720p resolution. It is easy to install and besides a built-in microphone and speaker it contains a mechanical camera lens privacy shutter. Hence, you can close the cover every time you are at home and don´t want to be recorded.

In the field of home security, the video analytics plays an important role as well. The enter/exit filter triggers an alarm, every time a person enters your property unauthorized. Thus, offenders can be caught in act. The dwell filter is often used for outdoor applications. Thereby, it can be determined, if a person loiters at your property – for example in front of your door – noticeable long. The filter for direction detection detects in which direction potential offenders move. In order to feel calm during holydays or business trips, you can watch your home at any time from your mobile device.

In the last part of the RIVA VCA series you will get an overview of all benefits, which are only offered by RIVA´s video analytics.


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