From passive to active video surveillance – with the intelligent cameras from RIVA

VCA multiscreen (2)RIVA stands for ‘Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics’ an intelligent 3D-video analytic system which is already integrated in all RIVA cameras and encoders as a standard feature. The basic version VCA Presence continually tracks moving and stationary objects and persons and generates real-time alerts. Furthermore, camera tampering is detected. More VCA packages for special applications as well as several individual analytic filters can be purchased additionally. Thereby you always receive an analytic system for your individual needs at the best possible price.

Zones & Rules (2)Due to the intuitive 3D graphic interface the video analytics can be set up quickly and easily. Thus, it takes only a few minutes until your camera and all functions of the analysis are ready to use. Once ready the video analytics tracks up to 100 targets and has up to 40 detection zones per camera. Also false alarms are reduced to an absolute minimum. Because a self-learning algorithm that automatically adapts environmental changes, ignores light changes due to cloud formation, artificial light and auto-iris camera operation as well as repetitive movements such as swaying trees or rippling water. Furthermore the video analytics adjusts to image degradation caused by rain, fog, dirty lens and low sun position glare. Another huge advantage is that personnel and storage costs as well as the data volume are reduced. Due to the special filters, the camera only transfers what is requested.

Get to know the analysis filters and –packages from RIVA and let yourself be surprised by the benefits of the video analytics in a 10-part VCA series. In the next part you will learn which filters and cameras are necessary for an optimal perimeter protection.

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