Paso is back at Intersec Dubai with an evacuation solution

Paso is back at Intersec Dubai with an evacuation solution

Paso is back at Intersec Dubai with an evacuation solution

PASO is a historic Italian audio brand and, given that it also specializes in Public Address and Voice Evacuation systems and with updated product range, implemented the production and warehouse, which now allows us to be prompt with deliveries and, above all, we are specialized in the EVAC sector.

PASO has always been present abroad because the quality, manufacturing, design and reliability is appreciated specific characteristics of the Made in Italy brand.

The Made in Italy brand and the all important internal know-how, at all levels within design, within the knowledge of the field of regulations, within the construction processes. It is no coincidence that PASO are continually involved in seminars and courses, often organised by professional bod-ies. During 2016, we will be involved in a type of ten-stage roadshow, throughout Italy.

We can, for example, offer clients a 100% safe system, which is certified, and we create complete solutions, from the system design to the cabling, from the preparation of the racks to the manuals. We are therefore also able to customise solutions according to specific needs, without losing the enterprising approach. All our products come with a 24 month guarantee… even if the chance of them breaking is very slim.

PASO has specialized in solutions for emergency messaging in case of alarms or fires. Already part of its portfolio, you will find products such as the PA8506-VES or the all-in-one PA8506-V, both designed for larger environments, including more complex set ups. Obviously we are talking about certified products which are in compliance with the regulations.

But, in order to specify the regulations and their systematic approach, it was necessary to install EVAC systems, even in environments such as shops, schools etc. Therefore an easy-to-install product was necessary, useful for managing both generic adverts as well as emergency announcements, in three different versions to suit the areas the system needs to cover.

Thus, at INTERSEC the PAW4500-VES was launched, the compact EVAC system, which can be wall-mounted, fully compliant with regulations, and made up of a single control EN54-16, integrated class-D amplifiers, and a recharging system compliant with the EN 54-4.

The system comes in three versions: PAW4502-V, for two areas, with 2×250 W per channel, PAW4504-V, four areas, 4x250W, and PAW4506, six areas, 6×250 W. All the versions include separate lines for each of the areas. The system, as we have already said, is in the form of a wall panel, complete with a microphone for emergency announcements, a 4.3” touch display to manage the settings and set up, and batteries (2 x 12V DC) so that operation is still possible even if there is a power failure (during a fire, for example).

Pre-recorded messages are also available both in case of danger and for assisted evacuations, but there is also an Aux for an external source for messages or music. There are also a number of useful connections to expand the system: to connect additional microphone units, such as the PMB106/112 and units for remote emergency calls (PMB132). Furthermore, other identical systems can be connected, up to five of them, in order to cover up to 32 areas, six dry input contacts, monitored, and three output ones. Rack installation measuring 19” is also possible.

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