Panomera sensors protect European Karting Championship

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The ProKart Raceland karting circuit at Wackersdorf is a regular venue in the karting calendar and it is monitored by the Panomera multifocal sensor system

Noted for its size and professional chicanes, the ProKart Raceland karting circuit at Wackersdorf is a regular venue for international karting championship races. The latest such event, the FIA-CIK European Championship for the KZ class, was held here from 17 to 20 May 2013.

The Raceland karting circuit in Wackersdorf is a truly “multipurpose” track that is ideally suited for practically any type of event. It is one of the largest karting circuits in Germany, so it is used regularly to host international race meetings. With an impressive length of 1,222 metres and a width that varies between 9 and 12 metres, the outdoor circuit at ProKart Raceland is a fast, demanding circuit. The professional track challenges drivers with eight right-handed and six left-handed curves, requiring total concentration and stamina.

ProKart_02 (2)But apart from an exciting racing experience, the considerable size of the track also presents a major challenge for the video cameras. “We are operating a professional racing circuit here, and naturally this means that we also implement only the latest technology and the highest quality when it comes to security”, says Stephan Fritsch, the owner of ProKart Raceland.

So instead of setting up multiple cameras at various locations all over the premises, Stephan Fritsch settled on a more elegant solution: Just five Panomera multifocal sensor systems from Dallmeier in a cascade arrangement which deliver a panoramic overview through more than 180°, thus covering the entire racing circuit from a single installation position. This is a vast area of 40,000 square metres!

ProKart_03“Cooperation with Dallmeier was excellent, especially when you realise that the entire project from initial discussions to the actual installation of the cameras was completed in the space of just a few weeks. This meant that we succeeded in commissioning the new video system, including the recording servers, in time for the European Championship meeting, despite the tight deadline”, says Michael Karl, a representative of Elektro-Kunz, which has been responsible for network and building systems engineering on the track for years.

And he adds: “The great advantage of our new Panomera cameras is not only their incredible image quality and resolution over the entire racing circuit, but also the ease with which they were installed: all we needed was one installation site! Of course, that saves not only wiring costs but also an enormous amount of work.” So the stage was set for an exciting weekend of racing without a hitch.


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