Panomera Roadshow and Security a Success For Dallmeier

panomera roadshow

At the end of a six-week tour of Europe, Dallmeier takes stock: resounding successes, for both the Panomera Roadshow and the appearance at the Essen Security trade fair!

After Denmark, the tour passed through Germany and Belgium on its way to France and Switzerland: The Panomera Showtruck was on the road in Europe for a total of six weeks, accompanied by the Dallmeier Amarok. Along the way, it served as an impressive platform for live presentations of the latest models of the patented multifocal sensor technology (“Baseline”, “Topline” and “Nightline”).

The Dallmeier Amarok represents a mobile video surveillance solution. Equipped not only with the telescopic mast with integrated Panomera, but also all the equipment necessary for recording and displaying video images, this vehicle is completely self-contained and capable of independent operation. It even carries its own power supply unit.

panomera roadshow

One of the highlights of the Dallmeier roadshow was the stop at the Security trade fair in Essen. Here, besides the Panomera Truck and the Amarok, there was also a Partners Pavilion, where Dallmeier teamed up with Dekom, erdkreis, IPPI and Johanns Systemhaus to present a number of VideoIP solutions.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, Dallmeier hosted its own Panomera Octoberfest on each day of the exhibition. Visitors to the celebration tent enjoyed Bavarian specialities such as the famed “white sausages”, pretzels and beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

“We were delighted to welcome considerably more visitors than in 2012, and the quality of the leads we developed at this year’s trade fair was also very high”, said Marketing Director Georg Martin with evident satisfaction. “We had many interesting conversations with our customers. It was evident that the response in the market to multifocal sensor technology is already extremely positive, and that it addresses definite needs. Our customers themselves are developing new application ideas, and several approached us with project enquiries that were already quite specific.”

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