Panomera® multifocal sensor system in Euroborg Stadium, Groningen

Panomera® multifocal sensor system in Euroborg Stadium, Groningen

Panomera® multifocal sensor system in Euroborg Stadium, Groningen

Panomera® multifocal sensor technology from Dallmeier is now operating in the Netherlands as well: In the Euroborg Stadium in Groningen, the patented camera technology watches over all the activities in the stadium of FC Groningen.

The Euroborg Stadium has been the home ground for FC Groningen since 2006. The roofed stadium not only offers seats for 22,550 spectators, it is also embedded in an enormous complex of shopping, office and residential properties. When the stadium managers were looking for suitable video security equipment, they got in touch with Dallmeier through the KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football Association.

Multifocal sensor technology proven in real-life operation
“We were impressed by the concept of multifocal sensor technology right from the start”, recounts Dian de Bruijn, the Safety and Security manager of FC Groningen. But the security staff still wanted to test the system thoroughly first. The MFS technology was tested in practical operation over the course of a 6-month pilot phase.

The Panomera® multifocal sensor system is able to watch extremely efficiently over a huge area from just a single location. One of its most impressive features is the combination of general overview and highest resolution at the same time: Even more distant objects appear with the same defined resolution as objects in the image foreground. “With just one camera, we have a complete view of a stand”, says Dian de Bruijn. This significantly reduces costs for infrastructure (masts, cables, electricity, etc.) compared with a distributed array of multiple HD cameras.

Panomera® also solves the known problem associated with PTZ cameras, with which the operator has to choose between an overview image and a detail view. With Panomera®, the entire area of interest is always being recorded, regardless of which area an operator is concentrating on in detail at any given moment. This means that wherever an incident occurs, it can always be reconstructed and the individuals involved can be identified even after the fact, with a reliability that is admissible in a court of law (frame by frame playback).

Intuitive operation
But it was not only the extremely high resolution of the images that impressed, the simple, convenient operation was also convincing. “The user interface with the management software is well organised and intuitive”, says Dian de Bruijn. “And it is also much easier to navigate through a single, cohesive Panomera® image than having to switch back and forth between multiple cameras.”

Images are recorded on a Dallmeier IPS 2400 video appliance which guarantees the highest possible reliability and availability. The recorded image material is also admissible as evidence in court thanks to LGC Forensics certification.

Ready for the future
Thanks to the open system architecture of the Dallmeier system, the video system is flexible and scalable: Upgrades or modifications will always be simple and uncomplicated in future. Hence the stadium solutions by Dallmeier offer long-term investment protection.

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