Panda Security Launches Panda GateDefender eSeries 5.5

panda gatedefender

panda gatedefenderPanda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the availability of Panda GateDefender eSeries version 5.50, update to the company’s unified perimeter security devices. This latest version includes an improved configuration wizard, next-generation VPN technologies, a new firewall for application control and real-time monitoring of corporate networks.

Panda GateDefender eSeries enables companies (rated for 25 up to 2,500 user equivalents) to protect their corporate network and increase their productivity, and is available in three different versions -hardware, software and virtual- to suit the needs of every type of organization. The Panda Perimetral Console allows centralized and flexible management from a single console, accessible from the cloud at any time.

New Features

Panda GateDefender eSeries includes robust, next-generation VPN technologies that enable fast and highly scalable VPN connections, while managing granular access permissions to the network. Additionally, the solution includes a new application control feature capable of identifying and blocking more than 170 applications including Facebook, Skype, Spotify or WhatsApp to improve productivity.

Included with the new Panda GateDefender eSeries is an improved configuration wizard with a network mode that allows the use of outgoing firewalls and application control in bridge mode.

The solution also allows real-time monitoring of corporate networks through an intuitive interface that enables organizations to generate extremely granular, customized reports.

These new features add to the many benefits already provided by the solution:

  • Flexible, cloud-based management to centrally monitor, manage and update appliances quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime.
  • Increased user productivity and optimized resource usage thanks to spam neutralization, restricted access to unproductive content and services, and bandwidth usage control.
  • Complete protection against all types of infections and intrusion attempts right from the start. Faster response to new malware threats via automatic updates and queries to the cloud.
  • High Internet availability. Its routing policies allow configuration of multiple high-availability lines, as well as installation of multiple appliances in parallel to deliver fault-tolerant, secure connectivity.
  • Flexible, seamless integration with existing IT infrastructures thanks to the wide range of available versions: hardware, virtual and software appliances.

More information and a Test Drive console is available at

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