Panasonic unveils WV-TW310 Wearable Surveillance Cameras

WV-TW310 Wearable Surveillance Cameras
WV-TW310 Wearable Surveillance Cameras

WV-TW310 Wearable Surveillance Cameras

Panasonic have announced a new concept in surveillance with the introduction of WV-TW310 Wearable Camera series.  The battery powered devices which are being introduced to Europe offer H.264 continuous recording and a very wide 180° wide angle fisheye lens.

WV-TW310 battery powered cameras record high quality 1280 x 960 H.264 images from a human perspective. Images are saved directly to an internal SDHC memory card with 32 hours of recording time available. The 180 degree wide angle fisheye lens maximises potential to capture incidents with a wide area image acquired from a even a close proximity to the scene.

Body-worn cameras in a law enforcing scenario provide a dynamic advantage to security and law enforcers providing more depth to information about incidents. WV-TW310 aids professionals in training as well as crime investigation, as trainees can be shown exactly what happened at the time of the incident and learn from errors or oversights. Adopting wearable cameras have been seen to show a return on their investment with savings achieved when complaints are dropped with video evidence available, and a significant difference in legal settlements being paid out.


In the UK the equipping of security and police with cameras has been received as reassuring to the public with the extra presence helping locations like town centres even safer, tackling low-level crime before it escalates into something more serious.  The wearable camera has Day/Night function which automatically switches the camera mode from colour to black and white under low illumination conditions, ensuring a clear image is captured in all environments. Also to provide a flexible solution the camera is provided with two different lengths of cable to fit a wider range of body worn applications.

Video can be uploaded to a PC automatically and the camera battery can be charged both using network configuration with Power over Ethernet. The WV-TW310 series have image correction functions whereby Wearable Camera Viewer Software enables the images to playback with stabilisation and distortion correction.  The WV-TW310 series includes two PC software applications. Agent Software enables the video image data on the camera to be automatically uploaded to a PC via the conversion box. Viewer Software enables the fisheye original picture images to play back with stabilization and distortion correction, with the function of snapshots also being available.


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