Panasonic TOUGHBOOK cements its status as European rugged notebook and tablet leader


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has cemented its position as Europe’s leading manufacturer of rugged notebooks and tablets – extending its run as Europe’s rugged notebook leader to an 18th consecutive year, according to research from specialist analyst firm VDC Research. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK’s rugged notebook and tablet share of sales by revenue (48%) was larger than its nearest four competitors combined in 2018.

Setting new standards

Panasonic maintained its clear leadership position in the European rugged notebook market with a 51% share of sales and continues to innovate in the sector with the recent launch of its TOUGHBOOK 55 rugged notebook. This latest device sets the new standard for rugged notebook computing. For the first time, users can configure their rugged device for different tasks while in the field. With a simple switch, fit and click, users can add and remove new functionality including boosting graphics, battery power and storage capabilities, adding a DVD or Blu-Ray drive and integrating a fingerprint, RFID or smart card reader.

Tablet innovation

Despite growing competition from an increasing number of rugged tablet providers, Panasonic maintained its strong lead in Europe with a 41% share of sales of rugged computers– also larger than the share of sales of rugged computers of its four nearest competitors combined. Continued innovation through the addition of new integrated functionality, such as the thermal imaging camera launched this year, have provided new opportunities for mobile workers to use their rugged tablets to complete more tasks and improve their productivity in the field.

Increasing Android support

Panasonic continued its successful move into sales of rugged handheld devices with its increasing range of Android rugged handheld devices and supporting eco-system. It also strengthened its Android support with the launch of the next generation of Panasonic COMPASS, the market-leading suite of enterprise management tools for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and handheld devices running the Android operating system. The latest additions to the Complete Android Services and Security package include a new proprietary rapid configuration tool, a premium security option, as well as “OMNIA”, the new Toughbook Mobile Enterprise Application Platform.

Kevin Jones, Managing Director for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division – Europe, said: “Panasonic has continued its success in sales of rugged computer in Europe because we listen to our customers and continue to closely work with them as we innovate to meet the evolving needs of their mobile workforces. The results of that innovation are clear to see with devices such as the new TOUGHBOOK 55 setting a new standard in rugged notebook computing, our tablet integrated thermal imaging and 3D RealSense camera helping customers to find new ways to run field mobile diagnose faster and more safely and our COMPASS support services helping our Android customers more effectively manage their handheld and tablet devices.”

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